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Rated 3.67 out of 5

The 5-star Eastern Shore Resort is to be found at the New York beach, in the heart of the big Apple, one of NY’s most busies areas. It is the perfect location for an adventurous and fun-filled family vacation in close touch with Nature. But it’s also ideal for a sporty vacation in the US, going solo, with a partner or a group of friends. Given the almost unlimited number of leisure activities on offer, the Eastern Shore Resort is not only a wonderful starting point for all sorts of activities, it is also the tranquil pole, a wellness hotel where guests can let go and simply allow mind and soul to roam free.

Vacation, how you want it

While there may at times be good reason for doubting the claims made as to the antiquity of some London taverns, there can be none for questioning the ripe old age to which the Pope’s Head in Cornhill attained. This is one of the few taverns which Stow deals with at length. He describes it as being “strongly built of stone,” and favours the opinion that it was at one time the palace of King John.

Great beaches

He tells, too, how in his day wine was sold there at a penny the pint and bread provided free. It was destroyed in the Great Fire, but rebuilt shortly after. Pepys knew both the old and the new house. In the former he is said to have drunk his first “dish of tea,” and he certainly enjoyed many a meal under its roof, notably on that occasion when, with Sir W. Penn and Mrs. Pepys, he “eat cakes and other fine things.”

Conference space

Another, not so pleasant, memory is associated with the Pope’s Head. Two actors figured in the episode, James Quin and William Bowen, between whom, especially on the side of the latter, strong professional jealousy existed. Bowen, a low comedian of “some talent and more conceit,” taunted Quin with being tame in a certain role, and Quin retorted in kind, declaring that Bowen’s impersonation of a character in “The Libertine” was much inferior to that of another actor.

Busy but not crowded

Bowen seems to have had an ill-balanced mind; he was so affected by Jeremy Collier’s “Short View” that he left the stage and opened a cane shop in Holborn, thinking “a shopkeeper’s life was the readiest way to heaven.” But he was on the stage again in a year, thus resuming the career which was to be his ruin. For so thoroughly was he incensed by Quin’s disparagement that he took the earliest opportunity of forcing the quarrel to an issue.

In the heart of the city

Having invited Quin to meet him, the two appear to have gone from tavern to tavern until they reached the Pope’s Head. Quin was averse to a duel, but no sooner had the two entered an empty room in the Cornhill tavern than Bowen fastened the door, and, standing with his back against it and drawing his sword, threatened Quin that he would run him through if he did not draw and defend himself. In vain did Quin remonstrate, and in the end he had to take to his sword to keep the angry Bowen at bay.

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  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Accepting Credit Cards
  • Booking required
  • Air conditioned
  • Television
  • Safe deposit box
  • Hair dryer
  • Mini Bar
  • Changing towels
  • Indoor restaurant
  • Outdoor restaurant
  • All Inclusive
  • Half Board
  • Private Events
  • Bar / Lounge
  • Connecting Rooms
  • Non-smoking Rooms
  • Indoor Pool
  • Massage / Spa
  • Conference Rooms
  • Valet Parking
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Fitness / Gym
  • Concierge
  • Room Service
  • Coffee / Tea Maker

3 reviews

  • Joanna Wilson
    4 out of 5

    Location counts

    My husband and I were in the city to see a concert and planned to stay overnight. We came in on the LIRR, so were looking for a hotel convenient to Penn Station. This hotel was only two blocks away. Perfect. I had read reviews and knew it wasn\'t five star. But neither was the price. Our priority was proximity to Penn, and a clean room, with a comfortable bed, and a decent breakfast. This hotel fit the bill. We had a room on the 26th floor. It was quiet. The room was clean. The bed was comfortable. The staff was friendly. And the cookies weren\'t bad either. When it comes to hotels in NYC, it\'s all about what meets your criteria. The longer the list, the more expensive. We were very satisfied with our choice.

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    Ottobre 27, 2017


  • Josh Westminster
    4 out of 5

    Great location and very comfortable hotel

    We stayed here during an impromptu trip to NYC and it was one of the more comfortable hotels I have stayed at in the city. Employees are very nice, but some will pressure you into Hilton Club stuff so be sure to just say no! The location of this hotel is great - a few blocks to the park, a few blocks to the Rock, a couple of blocks from MoMA, and a few blocks to Times Square (if you have to go, again!). Check in was a breeze! One thing - the camera in the lobby never sent any of the photos we took of ourselves to us so I saw that as being a little sketchy. Otherwise, I would stay here again with no question!

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    Ottobre 27, 2017


  • Nathan Frederick
    3 out of 5

    For the guests who are not picky

    Average, not deserve 4 stars, very bad beach, rooms small and old furniture, bathroom very dark, air condition weak, food average and every day the same... I will not recommend it to anyone. Good things are the position, very, very, kind staff and manager. Rather clean.

    Ottobre 27, 2017


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